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Spa Reflexology
Many people find spa reflexology to be more relaxing than a full body massage. During the treatment, you are only required to relax and expose your feet. Treatment includes soft music, aromatherapy and soft lighting, which combine to create a drowsy effect. Clients often fall asleep and describe the experience as the most relaxing hours of their day. After the treatment, they describe themselves as feeling "refreshed".

Herbal wrap
A classic herbal blend of chamomile, lemongrass and rosemary is famous in spas worldwide for promoting detoxification of the skin and body. A rich, fragrant infusion of steaming hot herbs are seeped into herbal-soaked linen wraps then wrapped around the feet to aid elimination and reduce muscle tension.

Paraffin bath

A paraffin bath is ideal for arthritis sufferers and anyone with severely cracked or dry skin. Each foot is dipped and covered in a plastic bag. Soreness and dryness immediately begin to melt away. Ten minutes later the wax is peeled off and the transformation is astonishing! The results are toe wiggling, baby soft skin.

Laura Davies LMT, Therapeutic massage
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